‘Tada’ means palm tree in sanskrit language. Tadasana or Mountain Pose is very similar to palm tree, also known as Urdhva Hastasana. It is very popular and one of the most easy yoga poses, which can be practiced by anyone without any problem. Tadasana is helpful for body stretching, making spine flexible and helps to increase height.


• Stand with your feet together flat on the floor. The big toe joints and the inner ankle bones must be slightly touching each other.
• Hold your body in a straight line facing forwards. Relax your arms down by the sides with palms facing towards your body and fingers gently curled up And thumbnails facing forwards.
• Pull the kneecaps up and pull or stretch up leg muscles. 
• Tuck the tailbone under.
• Lift up and open the front of the body.
• Relax your shoulders down and lengthen back of the neck by lowering your chin slightly.
• Rest your head evenly at the top of the spine. Maintain a straight upright posture, hold and breathe normally.


• Promoting happiness and confidence.
• Improving body posture.
• Creation of space within the body to allow the internal organs to function efficiently.
• Helping the digestion process, elimination process and respiration process.
• Strengthening the legs and the abdominal area.
• Relieving conditions such as sciatica and improving flat feet.

Advice and Precautions:

While performing this asana one must ensure that the body weight is evenly distributed across the soles of both the feet. This posture must be practiced before and after all the standing postures in yoga. In Tadasana the body is rooted to the ground and is as steady like a mountain.


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