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How to open 108 Bal Sanskar Kendra’s

In Malegaon – Maharastra , the  task of opening 108 Bal Sanskar Kendras was accomplished in a single day. Thus this is not a difficult task as we are just the means and the real force working behind this divine seva is the blessings of Pujya Asaram Ji Bapu.

Following are Few Steps which could be helpful:

1)    All the Sadhaks (devotees) of a particular area organize a meeting on a particular day (minimum 15 Sadhaks).

2)    Start the meeting with path of Shri Asaramayan, Prayer then take a pledge (sankalp) of opening 108 Bal Sanskar Kendras.

3)    Each Sadhaks make list of 10-15 Sadhaks who are in close contact with them.

4)    Decide on a date to carry out a campaign for Bal Sanskar Kendra’s.

5)     On the day of the campaign every Sadhak should make a visit to the Sadhaks mentioned in their list and encourage them to open Bal Sanskar Kendra’s.

6)    One day prior to the campaign contact the list of Sadhaks you would be visiting and know there time of availability.

7)    On the day of the campaign visit the Sadhak and provide them with all the information about Bal Sanskar Kendra, information on how to open Bal Sanskar Kendra and encourage them to open a Bal Sanskar Kendra.

8)    After this with the help of Sevadari Sadhak (volunteer Devotee) enroll the kids in Bal Sanskar Kendra and immediately start the Bal Sanskar Kendra.

9)    After this ask the Sadhak to fill the Bal Sanskar Kendra enrollment form. If the Bal Sanskar Kendra runs for next couple of weeks send the form to Ahmadabad headquarters for registration of Bal Sanskar Kendra.

10)    If the Bal Sanskar Kendra does not run contact the Sadhak and ask him to open a Bal Sanskar Kendra.

Note: Refer the Resources Section to get the material related tp Balsanskar Kendra.


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