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Sri Krishna Blessed All Even Without Being Asked For.
Sri Krishna Blessed All Even Without Being Asked For.


Krishna was passing through – Madhura city. People were standing on both sides of the road and were being enraptured by His irresistible charm.  His delightful manners and His kind glances. While people were spellbound watching Lord Krishna, the Lord has his gaze fixed on a hunchbacked woman. Her name was Kubja and she is taking sandalwood pulp to Kamsa, the king of Mathura. The Lor says to the hunchbacked woman, “O beautiful one!”
    Behoulding beauty in that ugly woman! What a Brahma was ours! Kubja thought He might be addressing a beautiful damsel; she was well aware of how she looked with her hunched back. She went on her way, hitting the dust with her sandals as she walked Krishna called again, “O lovely woman !” Now Kubja pondered that there were all males and no female there. Still she went on. Krishna called again with all affection, “O young woman!” Now Kubja’s affection was kindled too and she responded, “Yes, Sundara, (beautiful dark boy)! Tell me.”
    Krishna said, “ Will you give this sandalwood pulp to me?”
    She said, “ By all means. Here it is for you.”
    The job was done. The Lord knows that one has to give something in order to attain to Him. So He asked for the sandalwood pulp. The giver of everything to the world addresses the ugly hunchbacked who does the work of putting sandalwood pulp, as a beauty. She responds to  Krishna’s affection and gives Him the sandalwood pulp and the job is done.
    (By such divine play of His) Lord Krishna tells that love alone is the supreme ruler in the world. Swami Ramtirtha used to say that Law is the leading means of protecting one’s rights and exploiting others. People can be forced to do things under threat of punishment or terror, but whatever righteousness and order exists in the society today is because of Love. The mother nurtures and brings up her child out of love. The child too serves the parents, the Guru or the society out of a sense of duty and love . Kabirji says:
‘ Love is not grown in plantations, nor can it in the market place be bought, Whether you are a sovereign ruler or a subject remember this, that only he who can surrender his ego can buy it.’
And your real nature is love. If this love is extended to wealth, it becomes greed; if it revolves around family, it becomes attachment; if it is extended to the body considering it the real self, it becomes ego. If the love is for some name or form, it binds us and if love is beheld in its pure form it is God himself.
Lord Krishna took some sandalwood pulp from her and pressing her feet with his toes when he jerked her by the chin then the hunchbacked ugly woman actually became extremely beautiful. Great are the ways of the Lord!

Similarly Pujya Bapuji bestows love, mercy and divine wisdom to all even without being asked for. Pujya Bapuji gratifies everyone without any efforts on their part; He wants everyone, to fill therir empty bags (i.e.become prosperous), By realizing the Supreme Self.

If Bapuji finds a poor person on the way, an ocean of compassion that He is, He stops His vehicle and gives him Prasad or Money or some such thing. Nobody is unknown to Pujya Bapuji.When Pujyashree sees somebody bareheaded or barefooted or showing some other sign of deprivation, he is so filled with compassion that he gives away his own sandals, umbrella or even the cloth that he wears around neck. On the top of it, Pujyashree gives him a smile which he can not forget for the rest of his life.


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