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Sanskar Sinchan: Vedic inspiring moral stories to boost respect towards parents. Development of divine values like valor, hardwork, patience, restraint, sacrifice, philanthropy, service etc. Tips for success in exams and competitive tests. Boost dormant powers in students and increase their memory power, intelligence and sharpness by yogic exercises. Daily routine, health tips and seasonal food habits for healthy mind and body of students.
Pujya Bapuji's Message

Students are the future of India, the glory of the world, and the pride of their parents. Hidden in them is a great treasure, a veritable storhouse of infinite capabilities. To uncover that treasure, we need to inculcate good traits in them, build their character and acquaint them with the true glory of Indian Culture. Childhood is the foundation of the life. Let's make it strong !
About Bright Future building camps for students: 
Under the Divine Inspiration from Pujya Bapuji, in the year 2006 Sant Shri Asaramji Ashram in Ahmedabad launched formal teaching of invaluable treasures from our ancient philosophy through a new series of Yoga & Meditation Intensive camps called “Vidhyarthi Ujjawal Bhavishya Nirman Shibirs” (Bright Future building camps for students). Worldwide over 300 camps were held at more than 130 places including 4 cities in USA in the year 2006. Thereafter, such camps are being organized on regular basis every year. These camps teach practical Yoga for healthy body & mind, Meditation & Prayers for peace & concentration besides increasing intellect & wisdom while having fun & games. Unique Yogasans & Yogic techniques to Increase height, IQ, Wisdom, Intelligence & leadership qualities are taught. Special Pranayams (breathing exercises) are taught that result in longevity & healthier life. The teachers of these camps have acquired first hand knowledge by attending intensive camps organized under the direct guidance of Bapuji & senior disciples. These camps are a Golden opportunity for the children to gain rich Spiritual & Cultural knowledge in just 1/2/3/5 days while they enjoy the camp activities under the supervision of sadhaks & Volunteers of the Ashram.


Students Experience
Delusion Got Removed After Attending Camp

I am first rank holder in school. Before coming to ashram, I was in delusion that I am an expert. B...
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Do not Know How Those 5 days Flew Away

I do not know how those five days of the camp flew away so quickly, it was probably because of the ...
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Immense Pleasure By Attending The Camp

 I felt immense pleasure by attending this camp. After discovering the ill effects of tea, cold dri...
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First Time Attended The Camp

For the first time I attended the ‘Vidyarthi Ujjwal Bhavisya Nirman Sivir’ and it was a very good e...
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Parents Experience
My Daughter Gained Interests In Studies

After returning from Vidyarthi Ujjawal Bhavishya Nirman Shivir , my daughter Aditi has become more ...
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These Camps Changed My Son

 We were very worried of our son’ Om’. Due to bad company, he strayed and often used abusive langua...
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