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Class Format

Class Format: A Typical Class Format is suggested here that anyone conducting Balsanskar kendra can follow. Children learn all of the following in a casual and interactive environment, that is why they love coming to Bal-Sanskar classes.

Before start of any class for 5 minutes the teacher(s) should do Tratak at the Pictue of Gurudev & get the inspiration & strength.

Category Total Duration:
1.5 hrs
Program Description
Prayer 15 min 1. Lighting of Deepak with 'Deepjyoti mantra'
2. Maatha Tek Pranaam or Shashank Aasan ( for 2 min)
3. Putting Chandan ‘Tilak’
4. Sit straight doing “Padmaasan” or "Sukhasan" & “Gyan Mudra”
5. Guru Stavan: Gurur Brahma. Gurur Vishnu…
6. “Hari Aum” Gunjan: 7 times
7. Different Vedic Mantra Recital
Yogasan & Pranayam 20 min 1. Om-Jumping (Run at one place & jump saying Om.. Om.. with it)
2. Pranayam: Bhramari / Anulom Vilom / Urjayee / Medha Shakti etc.
3. Yogasana & Yogic Exercises/Surya Namaskar & Asans etc.
Group Activity 30 min One or more of the following:
Story telling on Great Indian Personalities by teacher or student . Stories from Rishi Prasad, Pujya Bapuji's satsang or any other good book can be selected.
Information about approaching Indian festivals
Playing games to Improve Concentration.  Shlokas/Saakhiyan
Group Discussion or Q and A
Health Related Information
Kirtan 10 min Kirtan or Bhajan Singing or Haasya Prayog (Divine Laughter)
(For Kirtan Audio/Video of Pujya Bapuji can be played)
Meditation 5 min Meditation/ Traatak
Aarti 10 min Aarti & Closing Prayers


 Refer the Bal-Sanskar Kendra related publications from Sant Shri Asaramji Ashram at the resources section.

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